"> The Leadership of Pioneer Diagnostic (PDR)


Sameena Israr

Sameena Israr is President and Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Diagnostic (PDR).  PDR is the leading provider of diagnostic services in Northern and Southern California.

Prior to this role, Israr was President of Accurate Billing and Consulting Inc. She is organized, with morally right and ethically sound personal and professional integrity, and brings a high degree of respect to her leadership team members and co-workers. Israr’s expertise in Healthcare includes accounting, audit management, budgetary planning and forecasting, revenue cycles and historical benchmark comparisons. It is further enhanced by her abilities as a skilled communicator with board members and business partners, and always honors and respects the rights and needs of persons served.

Israr has skillfully addressed the financial needs of various organizations with quick analysis of opportunities and implementation of programs that enhance each organization’s mission and capacity for continued service. Throughout her career, she has earned the respect of staff, co-workers and board members as an individual of integrity, dedication and honesty, and instills those qualities in her staff as she promotes customer service and quality.

Without exception, Israr treats her clients with respect and places the highest priority on servicing their needs.

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